Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert

Tsunami Relief Benefit - Ron Korb
Fukushima tsunami benefit concert
Ron Korb performed at the Tsunami Relief benefit fundraiser called "Gambaro Japan". There was a wide array of talent raising money for the Japan relief effort including Cuban musicians, a Japanese shamisen player and some classical musicians. The devastation in Japan has been very deep and ground radiation levels are still high in Fukushima. My friends living in Tokyo all report that the mood is still rather sombre and now that all the bright neon lights have been turned off it doesn't look as lively either. After the accident the government announced it was decommisioning all nuclear facilties and now only two of the 50 commercial reactors in Japan are still operating. However, minister of economy now is saying they want to open it up for review. Protest continue every Friday night outside the official residence of the prime minister in an effort to put an end to nuclear power in Japan.
RK played some selections from his Japanese Mysteries CD and related some of his stories of travelling in Japan.. Photo by Sachi Kikuchi.

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