Flutes concert flutes, bamboo flutes, bass flute, Irish whistles, dizi, Shinobue, Ryuteki, over 250 indigenous world flutes collection
Genre A hybrid of world music, classical crossover, Asian music, jazz, celtic, latin (>>discography)




  • Winning Certificate for the 65th Grammy Awards for Best Global Music Album - Sakura
  • Winning Certificate for the 65th Grammy Awards for Best Immersive Audio Album - Divine Tides
  • Winning Certificate for the 64th Grammy Awards for Best New Age Album - Divine Tides
  • Nominee for the 58th Grammy Awards for Best New Age Album for Asia Beauty
  • First Prize, Best Instrumental (Song: Two Mountains), IAMA
  • Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show, the Global Music Awards
  • Best Instrumental Album, the Global Music Awards
  • Best Album-Instrumental/Classical Akademia Music Awards
  • Best Instrumental Performance (Song:Blue Bamboo), The Global Music Awards
  • Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement, Chinese Crossover World Music (Song: House of the Five Beauties), the Global Music Awards
  • Album Art/Graphics, the Global Music Awards
  • Best Song-Instrumental/Ballad (Song: Two Mountains), Akademia Music Awards
  • Finalist in the open song category (Song: Hanoi Café), International Acoustic Music Awards
  • Nominee on Best World Music, Toronto Independent Music Awards
  • Nominee for Best World Music Album, ZMR Awards
  • Nominee for Best World Fusion Music, One World Radio Awards

Winner of 4 Global Music Awards, including: Award of Excellence-Album, Best composition (Song: St. Johann), Best Album Art/Graphics, and Award of Merit-Acoustic Instrumental Solo Performance (Song: St. Johann)

Winner of the The 2016 Brand Laureate International Personality Award
Artistic Achievement, Golden Maple Award, Canadian Chinese Culture and Arts Asssociation
Best Original Composition, Radio & Television Hong Kong (RTHK)
Grand Prize Winner, Canadian National Exhibition
Andrew Kinghorn Scholarship, University of Toronto
Performed on many Gemini, Genie winning and Juno and Academy Award nominated projects. (>>more credits)

Concert Venues

Madison Square Gardens, New York
The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.
The National Theatre, Panama City
Zhong Shan Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
World Games 2009 Opening, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
The Glastonbury Festival, England
Shanghai Concert Hall
Century Theatre, Beijing
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Theatre
Heian Shrine, Kyoto, Japan
Espace Hall, Kuse, Okayama, Japan
Canada Pavillion Expo 2005 Aiichi, Japan
Le Monument-National, Montreal   (>>more concerts)

Canadian Flutist Ron Korb has been travelling and collecting indigenous woodwinds from around the world for years. His critically acclaimed music has been released in twenty countries on various record labels. The albums are on many top favourite lists and legendary singers in Asia have made cover versions of his music. He has toured extensively throughout Europe, Canada, The USA, Central America, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and Japan. Ron’s compositions are evoke imagery of the diverse cultural traditions and experiences of his travels......(>>read more)


"What makes his work truly unique is Ron's ability to reach deep within his spirit to project pure charisma and connect with his audience.
Listeners forget their problems and feel uplifted. rejuvenated and inspired."
-Beijing Weekend

"A tour de force for bamboo flute and other wooden flutes"
- The Washington Post

"Mr. Korb's talent is obvious."
- Ambience Magazine, Sydney Australia

"Korb's compositions are absorbing and intense.
The performances on this live concert DVD draw..... viewers....
into following his every move and note."
- Rambles Magazine, USA

"En première partie, les spectateurs ont eu droit à une agréable surprise:
Ron Korb, un musicien particulier qui a vite été adopté par le public de Québec"
- Journal de Québec

"A magnificent accomplishment!... Listen and savour this one.
A breath taking array of brilliantly played instruments!"
- The Monthly Aspectarian, Chicago

"If you buy no other music for the next 12 months, buy this one now!"
- Mind Body Soul - London, England

"A much talked about musician introducing us to new styles"
- J Wave Radio, Tokyo, Japan

"A musician who deserves our full support"
- Ming Pao Weekly, Hong Kong

"Music with a fresh and natural approach!"
- Headlines, Hong Kong


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